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Nutrition Beyond Compare

Found only in Triple Crown feeds, EquiMix® is an original blend of yeast cultures, organic minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes that are vital to your horse’s health.

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Having trouble with your overweight horse?

Easy keepers tend to gain weight quickly and can be at risk for serious health issues. Understand ways to manage their weight with 4 easy steps in our guide.

Having Trouble Keeping Weight On Your Horse?

When your horse isn’t maintaining weight, they’re not feeling their best. Find 3 steps to better weight management in our helpful guide.

Worried About Your Horse’s Body Condition?

Determine your horse’s condition and monitor changes over time with our Body Condition Scoring Guide.

Feed Finder For Common Issues

Your feeding situation is as unique as your horse. Reference this helpful overview of common feeding scenarios, along with our product recommendation to help meet your horse’s specific needs.


Metabolic Diseases — Is your horse at Risk?

Access the tools and resources to confidently tackle equine metabolic diseases and help care for your metabolic horse.

Unit Conversion Tool

Looking to convert units of measure? Triple Crown’s unit conversion tool makes it easy to figure out the math with some of the most common conversions.